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New Theme: Matala (via News)

July 14, 2011

Matala, the newest theme for, is brightly colored and full of life.

New Theme: Matala Today we're excited to launch Matala, our newest theme. You might recognize this one — it was once the primary theme for, Matt Mullenweg's blog. Last year, Matala was released to the Themes Directory, and now we're thrilled to bring it to Originally designed by Nicolò Volpato, Matala's bright colors and dynamic sh … Read More

via News

Social Media Myths

March 26, 2010

Social media myths that make small business owners think twice about adopting it as part of their daily operations.

Has your small business taken the plunge and adopted social media for your operations?  If not, you’re not alone.  Small businesses have slowly adopted social media to some degree or another.  Only about 1% of small businesses in the United States and Canada use social media.

Why the slow transition?  Small business owners’ perspectives about social media differ from the typical consumer who merely uses social media casually.

Here are some sobering social media myths that make small business owners think twice about adopting it as part of their daily operations.

Social media is (almost) free

Photo-sharing websites such as Photobucket and Flickr; video-sharing websites such as YouTube and Revver; content aggregators such as Digg, Delicious, and Technorati; blogging websites such as WordPress and Blogger; and microblogging websites such as Twitter are free to use.

However, when business owners factor in the time, skill, expertise, and money involved developing a corporate marketing program that incorporates interactivity, allows user-generated content and, possibly, e-commerce, the price tag of at least $50,000 per quarter makes social media nearly impractical.

Anybody can (say they can) do it

Most people can upload pictures or videos, submit the URL of their website or blog to a website search engine submission site, write a blog, Tweet, or do any combination of these things.  However, experienced social media marketers would have the savvy to incorporate interactivity throughout all of this into an effective online marketing campaign.

Read about the rest of the social media myths.

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