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Do You Suffer from ‘Groupon Remorse’? (via It’s Your Money)

May 16, 2011

After I watched the video clip, “Groupon, LivingSocial ‘deal of the day’ pros and cons“, which concerned the most recent version of buyer’s remorse on CBS’ “The Early Show” this morning, I searched for articles and blogs about “Groupon Remorse”.  Apparently, has found consumers “who completely went overboard and are swimming in coupons they’ll never use”.

Paying good money for a coupon you don’t need, never use, and later sell for less than the purchase price hardly seems like a deal. The success of online group-buying giant Groupon has inspired the rise of countless copycats and competitors, including BuyWithMe, LivingSocial, and beyond. Now, reports the Boston Globe, daily deal sales are so popular—they’re projected to pull in $5 billion in sales this year—we’re seeing the rise of a related indu … Read More

via It’s Your Money