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July 2, 2012

How do the locals of Montreal, Canada spend their summer?  By shutting down a street so that vendors can setup shop in order to sell food, souvenirs, and other things.

Tomorrow Never Knows {photography}

Montreal loves any excuse to shut down a street and we Montrealers love walking down the middle of the street without getting hit by a car (though we already jaywalk any chance we get). Two weekends in a row most of the St Laurent Boulevard – aka the Main – was closed for the sidewalk sale and we got to soak in the sun while spending money and eating street food & mango on a stick. Summer in Montreal just can’t be beat.

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The Wondrous, Santa Barbaran Fourth of July Fireworks Show (via modeofaide)

July 5, 2011

I miss watching the Fourth of July Fireworks Show in Santa Barbara. I watched the fireworks show during two stints of summer school at UCSB in 2000 and 2001. The first time, I watched it with roommates from my apartment at the hillside where SBCC is located. The following year, my friends and I parked at the outdoor mall, Paseo Nuevo (where the parking was free, a welcome treat for us broke college students at the time), walked State St. all the way to Stearns Wharf and waited for seven hours before the fireworks show took place directly above us.

The Wondrous, Santa Barbaran Fourth of July Fireworks Show We were running late.  Shifting around scores of people as we rushed along the downtown section of State Street, we began to both hear and feel the explosions in the sky.  It didn’t matter.  Our patriotic endeavor was successful.  The only thing more pleasant than the fireworks themselves were the looks on people’s faces as they gazed upon the blinding colors.  Independence is beautiful. Neon explosions. The intermezzo. The denouement. For those … Read More

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June Holidays and Observances

June 2, 2011

As we come to the end of May 2011, let’s take a look at what we have to look forward to in June.  I’m sure many of you have heard of weekly observances such as “National Flag Week” but, believe it or not, the list of weekly observances is pretty long.  Here is a list of just some of the daily and weekly observances you can look forward to in June.

Here is a list of some of the daily and weekly observances you can look forward to in the month of June.Weekly observances in June

Holidays and day-long observances in June

If you enjoy celebrating holidays and observances, I hope this list has, quite literally, given you more reasons to celebrate this month.  People create these celebrations to give recognition to certain people or things, remember to practice something we usually don’t, or just for the plain fun of having extra holidays.  Let’s hope that this June is the best one yet!  After all, it is “National Smile Month”.

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Joie Montoya

Summer Vacation (and other breaks)

March 29, 2010

While Winter Break and Spring Break were opportunities to get away for a few days or have a stay-cation, Summer Vacation was a time to learn.From childhood until our teen years, school was one of the constants in our lives.  Our parents or guardians would enroll us in kindergarten and we would begin school in August or September.  In some parts of the United States (but not here in California), Fall Break may be observed in October.  Of course, Winter Break was always observed during the second half of December.  Spring Break would start in March or April.  The school year would end in May or June, beginning a Summer vacation that lasted two or three months.  By August or September, we found ourselves one grade higher than the year before.  The cycle repeated for the next 12 years of our young lives.

Winter Break was a time for families to get together and lasted at least two weeks.  Fall and Spring Breaks were chances for a few days to get away or have a stay-cation and may last a week or two.  Families made the most of these relatively short breaks.  Summer vacation, however, was quite longer and, as such, parents could not spend the whole time with their kids.  After all, they have bills to pay, a concept most kids are oblivious to, such as mortgage, insurance, and car payments.  They must also be able to fund the vacation they may eventually take.  However, a summer vacation to a faraway location may not be feasible for a year or two, or more.  What, then, could parents do to ease the boredom of their kids during the summer?

Fortunately, Santa Clarita’s Parks, Recreation and Community Services Department came to the rescue.  From what I can remember during my childhood, my parents made sure that I took part in one activity per summer, sometimes more.  The offerings were somewhat more limited during the rest of the year, and others were even seasonal, but during the summer, I was spoiled for choice.  Therefore, at one point or another, I ended up taking up swimming, Kali (Filipino stick fighting), and a CPR class.  I believe there were other classes, but they escape me at the moment.

When I look back, I’m glad I had taken those classes.  I had my video game systems, of course, but even I grew tired of them.  My parents made sure that, despite Summer Vacation, I was still learning something new.

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Francis M. Unson