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How Solar Power Works

April 18, 2011

Solar power is the conversion of sunlight into electricity.  Solar power plants started being developed in 1980. Since then, we’ve discovered that solar power has great potential.  The way solar power works is by using the energy of speeding protons to create an electrical current within a solar panel.  Photons are the fusion of atoms created at the center of the sun.  Energy from the sun is always abundant and has been powering the Earth for billions of years, feeding plants and redistributing and refreshing water supplies.  Why not use it to provide energy for our homes?

Solar power harnesses energy from the sun.  Given its present cost effectiveness, how long will it be before it replaces fossil fuels?Solar panels are able to collect and store a lot of the sun’s energy.  The storage of energy is important because the solar panels do not collect any energy during the night.  The moon does not produce any radiant energy.  Many people have a difficult time deciding whether solar power would be beneficial to them.  Frankly, I feel it would be since solar power gives off no pollution, which helps our environment.  Furthermore, the installation of solar panels in remote locations is usually more cost effective than laying out high voltage wires.  Finally, the use of solar energy to produce electricity allows the user to become less dependent on the worlds fossil fuel supplies.  Solar power is a great alternative to nuclear power.

The video, below, illustrates how solar panels work.

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Joie Montoya