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Spring Break 2011: Family Plans vs. College Plans

February 18, 2011

Spring break is a time that everyone can enjoy with friends and family, especially after going to work or school for 2-3 months straight after the New Year.  Throughout the years, I have had lots of fun with my family during break.  We’ve been to many places throughout California for spring break, such as Sea World, Santa Barbara, Hearst Castle, Solvang, the state’s beaches, and the neighboring state of Arizona.  My mom, sisters, and I all love to take trips together.  A majority of my fondest childhood memories are created from these trips.  Taking road trips with your family to fun places is a great way to spend spring break and welcome the summer.  Keep in mind a few things when planning a spring break getaway for you and your family: plan ahead and search months in advance for cheaper deals on plane tickets and hotel rooms when they are easiest to come by; find packaged deals that include hotels, rental cars, and theme parks; and map out where you will be going if you have multiple destinations, since you may very well find extra roadside attractions along the way.  Saving money while having fun is always great in any economy!

Spring break is a time that everyone can enjoy with friends and family, especially after going to work or school for 2-3 months after the New Year.  How do Spring Break plans differ for families and college students?  Taylor Pancake investigates.Once you are older and in college, your spring break plans become a time to blow off steam before big tests as well as a way to celebrate making it through the semester.  Most college students head to the beach for spring break with their friends and other college students.  Panama City Beach in Florida has a huge event for college students hosted by MTV.  Over half a million students attend this event.  Students can rent out condos or hotel rooms for the duration of their stay.  There are many activities you can enjoy while you are there, such as the never-ending beach parties, volleyball tournaments, scuba diving, outrageous contests, performances by music artists, and night clubs.  Panama City Beach is home to Club La Vela and Spinnaker, two of the biggest clubs in the country.  Of course, legal age limits are enforced when it comes to drinking alcohol.  Flocking to the beach communities of Florida has become a college tradition of sorts in recent years.  It is something students can look forward to during the second semester of the school year.  Other spring break-related events like this one take place all over the country, not all of which are hosted by MTV.  If you attend, make sure to be safe!

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