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Apple Takes the Title of “Most Valuable Brand”

May 10, 2011

In the annual BrandZ ranking of the world’s top 100 brands, Apple has emerged as the world’s “Most Valuable Brand”, according Global Brands director, Millard Brown.  He estimated Apple’s worth at about USD$153.3 billion.  Apple took the title from Google, which had been named “most valuable” for four years.  Google’s value slipped two percent to $111.5 billion, moving the company down to second place.  Meanwhile, Apple saw the value of its brand rise 84 percent.

Apple has emerged as the "Most Valuable Brand" of 2011, ending Google's four-year reign. How did other companies compare?There is no doubt that Apple has had great success within the past years, especially due to the release of the wildly popular iPod, iPhone and iPad.  Apple’s continued success is driven by innovation, allowing the company to rise to the top.  Other companies that competed with Apple included IBM, McDonald’s, Microsoft, Coca-Cola, AT&T, Marlboro, China Mobile, and General Electric, all of which made the top ten on the BrandZ ranking.  I’m happy that Apple has become such a great success, which goes to show how one person’s dream can drive the fortunes of a company to new heights.  “By nurturing its brand and constantly innovating, Apple is able to command a high price premium and weather economic turbulence, providing a global business success story that other brands can learn from,” said Eileen Brown, CEO of Millard Brown.

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Joie Montoya