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Southwest Airlines Mishap

April 6, 2011

On Saturday, April 2nd, 2011, Southwest Airlines had an emergency landing at a military base in Arizona with one of their 79 aircrafts.  A hole ripped through the jet’s fuselage.  Following the incident, 300 other Southwest flights were canceled so that all aircrafts could be inspected.  The FBI ruled it a “mechanical failure,” not an act of terror or foul play.  How the hole appeared still remains unknown, but Southwest and Boeing engineers are inspecting the aircraft to try to determine the cause.

Following a tear in its airplane's fuselage minutes after takeoff, Southwest Airlines canceled flights so that its aircrafts could be inspected.Thankfully, no serious injuries were reported, but a passenger described a flight attendant and passenger passing out during the incident, hitting their heads against the seats in front of them.  Brenda Reese said that Flight 812 had just left Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport bound for Sacramento, California, when a “gunshot-like” sound woke her up.  Oxygen masks dropped from beneath the over head compartments for the passengers and flight attendants as the plane lost altitude.  A passenger quickly texted his wife: “Plane going down. Love you,” but a few minutes later she heard from her husband that the plane landed safely on the ground.

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Taylor P.