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Do consumers spend more for moms on Mother’s Day than dads on Father’s Day?

June 6, 2011

Naturally, we love both our parents equally, but when it comes to their special days of recognition, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, who are we spending more on?  Whether it is time or money, do moms and dads get equal attention or does one beat out the other?  In one of my previous blogs, I wrote about the differences between the way we celebrate Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.  Based on my research, I found that more time went into Mother’s Day, but does that also mean that more money was spent on mothers?  Many studies have been done to figure out the answers to these very questions.

Do we spend more on our moms for Mother's Day than our dads on Father's Day?In certain studies, many people gave testimonials based on how things work in their household.  For example, some said that they like to make Mother’s Day much more special because moms are the ones who have nurtured and cared for us since conception.  On the other hand, some argued that dads work just as hard to provide for the family.  To get to the bottom of this, these questions can be better answered by looking at the statistics.  In 2008, the projected consumer spending for Father’s Day was close to $9.9 billion, which happened to be $5.9 billion less than what we spent on our moms that year.  This year, consumers were expected to spend $16.3 billion on moms and did, in fact, surpass that expectation.  Will we surpass expectations and spend $11.1 billion on our dads this year?  We shall wait and see.

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Joie Montoya