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July 2, 2012

How do the locals of Montreal, Canada spend their summer?  By shutting down a street so that vendors can setup shop in order to sell food, souvenirs, and other things.

Tomorrow Never Knows {photography}

Montreal loves any excuse to shut down a street and we Montrealers love walking down the middle of the street without getting hit by a car (though we already jaywalk any chance we get). Two weekends in a row most of the St Laurent Boulevard – aka the Main – was closed for the sidewalk sale and we got to soak in the sun while spending money and eating street food & mango on a stick. Summer in Montreal just can’t be beat.

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William and Kate’s Visit to North America

July 13, 2011

Over a span of twelve days, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge went on a trip through Canada and California.  The couple began their trip in Canada on July 1, just in time for Canada Day.  They traveled through most of the country, visiting pastry kitchens, rode in canoes, played hockey, and even planted trees.  A week later, on July 8, the couple arrived in Los Angeles.  They had a meeting with Hollywood studio executives as well as with some of Hollywood’s celebrities, went up the coast of California, and made sculptures with schoolchildren in Downtown Los Angeles.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge toured North America, beginning with Canada during the country's national holiday, Canada Day, and ending in Southern California.The famous royal couple showed that they were up to do anything over the weekend.  They were even patient when greeting fans.  The trip highlighted a number of philanthropic works, such as an event to support Tusk USA, an organization that raises funds for African wildlife, Inner-City Arts, a program that helps disadvantaged and homeless children through art, and an event for military veterans where they put together care packages.  The trip was a good time for the international icons.  At the end of the busy weekend, William and Kate opted not to fly home on a private jet.  Instead, they flew home from Los Angeles to London on a commercial flight with British Airways.  However, they did fly first class, but they were amongst civilian travelers.

William and Kate on the first day of their visit to Canada:

William and Kate on their visit to California:

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Taylor P.

Reality Check: The “Fast Lane” doesn’t exist

March 30, 2010

The United States does not "legally" have a fast lane, even though drivers may consider the carpool lane or traffic lanes not assigned a truck lane to be a fast lane.I have some bad news for the drivers of the United States, including myself: we don’t have “fast lane”.  The left lane of the freeway or highway is, in the minds of drivers, a fast lane if the state designates the rightmost lane a truck lane with a lower speed limit and, therefore, the “slow lane”.  Some drivers even consider the carpool, or high occupancy vehicle (HOV), lane as a fast lane because they can maintain a faster average speed on that lane, even in traffic.  Unfortunately, despite our relative speed to slower, trailer-pulling semi trucks or sole occupants in their vehicles, the idea of a fast lane is an illusion.  No jurisdiction in the United States assigns the leftmost lane of the highway a higher speed than the highway or city speed designated by the state.  In fact, the rightmost lane is usually assigned a slower speed limit for trucks.

Where does this misconception about the fast lane come from?  We must look to Germany, home of the autobahn.  Speed limits do apply on the autobahn in inclement weather or during construction.  Otherwise, speed limits do not apply in most places.  There are also no restrictions on overtaking.  Drivers must, as much as possible, use the right lane for general driving and use the lane on their left to pass other cars.  This suggests, then, that each lane is progressively faster when viewing highway traffic from the rightmost lane towards the left.  However, this also suggests that Germany, itself, doesn’t assign the leftmost lane as the fast lane.

Should we continue referring to the leftmost lane as the fast lane?  It’s certainly nice to think that, when traffic gets too heavy in the right lanes, we have the leftmost fast lane to retreat to and get away from it all.  However, what we consider faster moving traffic is our quicker relative speed to the slower traffic.  If we want to drive in that proverbial fast lane, we must move to Germany.

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Francis M. Unson

Has anybody ever seen Niagara Falls frozen?

January 12, 2010

Please retweetI went to the Canadian side of Niagara Falls in October 2008, just after Maid of the Mist closed for the season.  I visited the falls twice: in the freezing night and the next morning when it was, well, also freezing.  The temperature above the Falls was very cold, but during Autumn visit, not yet cold enough to produce snowfall.  As I stared at the Falls, I wondered if it could get cold enough for the Falls to freeze and ice over.  In recent memory, the Falls have not turned to solid ice.

Or has it?  A photo in Snopes claims that the Falls became frozen solid in 1911.  I would like to know if Niagara Falls has, indeed, frozen over and if anybody has any photos of the Falls in this cold state.

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Francis M. Unson