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Natural Bridges! – Day 44 (via team wooha)

July 15, 2011

The wonders that Mother Nature can create with a little wind over thousands of years…

Natural Bridges! - Day 44 Today we slept in much longer than anticipated because there were no sprinklers in sight. Once we rose from our tents we packed up and had some breakfast and took off towards the Natural Bridges national monument. It was supposed to be an easy ride into the park with plenty of time to spare for sightseeing once we arrived at the Natural Bridges. We knocked out the first 25 miles pretty quickly and stopped for a bite in Blanding, UT. I, Cam, had m … Read More

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New Theme: Matala (via News)

July 14, 2011

Matala, the newest theme for, is brightly colored and full of life.

New Theme: Matala Today we're excited to launch Matala, our newest theme. You might recognize this one — it was once the primary theme for, Matt Mullenweg's blog. Last year, Matala was released to the Themes Directory, and now we're thrilled to bring it to Originally designed by Nicolò Volpato, Matala's bright colors and dynamic sh … Read More

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Text me: I’ll over-analyze it. (via A Nice Ring to It)

July 13, 2011

When technology has allowed us to communicate too tersely, *any* analysis will do.

Text me: I'll over-analyze it. "Hey." Not a particularly welcoming salutation. Not unfriendly, but no enthusiasm. It's firm. Finite. Is he mad? "Hey" This one's completely different. It's casual. The lack of punctuation says, "I'm on the go — Just didn't have time for that little dot!" If you find this analysis over-the-top and slightly nauseating, I'm wit … Read More

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Dear Netflix, Thanks For The Customers! Signed, Redbox (via TechCrunch)

July 13, 2011

Current, former, and soon-to-be former customers are letting Netflix have it, especially in social media.

Talk about backlash. I've yet to see one comment anywhere supporting Netflix's price hikes and for good reason. Netflix announced a new pricing scheme yesterday that effectively raised the price of a popular subscription plan by 60%. Instead of costing $9.99 for streaming and DVD rental, Netflix separated the services and priced them each $7.99, which results in a combined cost of $16. But it's not the $6 people are ranting about. Most of us woul … Read More

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New Theme: Lifestyle (via News)

July 13, 2011

The new Lifestyle theme will make your blog stand out.

New Theme: Lifestyle Got lots of magazine-style content and need a stylish frame? Today we are introducing Lifestyle, a new colorful magazine theme that comes with ten content-friendly, soft color schemes. As a premium theme, customization is at the core of Lifestyle. Choose from multiple layouts and menus, breadcrumbs, header image, or custom background. This theme is a great fit if … Read More

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Happy Birthday South Sudan (via The Mzungu Diaries)

July 12, 2011

Nothing necessitates the printing of updated maps more than the birth of a nation.

Happy Birthday South Sudan I have seen RPGs before. They're funny because they look like toys. A gun is a gun, but an RPG is a stick with a rugby ball on the end and it looks comic unless it's pointed at you. What I had never seen, however, was the sheer array of weaponry that South Sudan insisted on lining its roads with in the run-up to independence. Not that you can blame them, though. As the bus enters Juba it passes a long stretch of road on which the rectangular shad … Read More

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New Theme: Château (via News)

July 8, 2011

The newest theme for, Château, has elegance and class.

New Theme: Château Today we are introducing an elegantly designed and typographically pleasing theme, Château. Designed by Ignacio Ricci, Château has been crafted with close attention to detail and typography. Its beautiful, minimalist look allows you to make your content the focal point of your blog. Aside from a brilliant design, this theme offers many cool featur … Read More

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It’s Been Almost A Year: “Top Ten Things I Say In NYC All The Time” (via It’s Always An Adventure)

July 7, 2011

When I have kids of my own one day and we happen to be on the subway or bus in NYC, I think I’ll be telling them not to lick the pole, too.

It's Been Almost A Year: "Top Ten Things I Say In NYC All The Time" Okay, it is hard to imagine, but it is coming up on our one year anniversary of living in New York City. What an adventure it has truly been! Over the past few days I have started to reflect back on this past year and all of the challenges and changes that we have encountered. I wouldn't change a thing. Although I do find myself desperately missing a BBQ, but I will save that for another post 😉 This city is crazy, intense, awe inspiring, but bes … Read More

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How to get more done by pretending you’re on an airplane (via scientia et sapientia)

June 29, 2011

One of the best methods yet for increasing your productivity.

How to get more done by pretending you're on an airplane I get more work done when I'm flying. It's as simple as that. I can spend two hours on an airplane and accomplish almost as much as I can in an entire day in my office. What's that all about? And, more importantly, how can I be that productive even when I'm not on a plane? I'd love to tap into that level of productivity on a regular basis. So, why do I get more work done when I'm flying? It's really pretty simple. 1. No internet, no internet, no … Read More

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New Theme: Twenty Eleven (via News)

June 20, 2011

A blog that is easy to navigate earns repeat visitors, especially with the theme, Twenty Eleven.

New Theme: Twenty Eleven Last year on we introduced the world to the first new WordPress default theme in 5 years — the first annual default theme — Twenty Ten. Now it's our pleasure to introduce you all to its successor, Twenty Eleven. It might look familiar. 🙂 Yep, Twenty Eleven started life as the Duster theme before it made the theme big leagues … Read More

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