“These followers are real followers but are not active.”  So much for instant fame from non-active Twitter followers.  Buying X number of followers for Y dollars apparently makes some people feel better about themselves.

Dave Malby's Commentary

I had someone approach me on Twitter today with a website link.   I do check these sites out but I make sure my virus filter is updated .. hehe.

Today was a great find … a source to purchase followers for Twitter, and purchase likes on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube.  Wow this is amazing, for only $180 you can purchase 100,000 Twitter Followers .. instant fame!

There is a catch though ..  These followers are as phony as a 3 Dollar Bill .. They are “In-actives”

Many so called gurus and celebrities are faking their accounts by this extremely cheap method of “Follower Fortification”.

Warning .. you can easily get caught ..

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