magicJack Owners: Calls from strange phone numbers exposed

If you own a magicJack (NASDAQ: CALL) for your home or office, you may have received a phone call from the “phone number”, 26669-6687.  I have a feeling that some telemarketers may have targeted phone number prefixes specific to magicJack owners since three of the magicJacks connected at work have received calls from this number, including mine:

If you are a magicJack owner and you received one or more calls from the "phone number", 26669-6687, the caller is actually a bunch of different callers, and none of them want you to know who they are.

Calls from the "phone number", 26669-6687, on two separate occasions. My phone number is deliberately obfuscated.

If you are a magicJack owner and you received one or more calls from the "phone number", 26669-6687, the caller is actually a bunch of different callers, and none of them want you to know who they are.When anybody or myself answered calls from this number at work, we received a wide range of callers, both male and female, and they solicited a wide array of products and services.  It turns out that the “phone number” of 26669-6687 is not owned by anybody at all, nor is it actually a phone number.  The number forms a phoneword, which are letters corresponding to a particular telephone number that form a word, a partial word, an acronym, abbreviation, or an alphanumeric combination.  The number of 26669-6687 forms a phoneword, which spells out the word, “anonymous”.  Obviously, some telemarketers do not want their phone numbers to show up in our caller ID so that we can call them back in anger or report their actual phone number, and who can blame them?  Unfortunately, magicJack owners, calls received from 26669-6687 amount to receiving a call from a blocked number.  How do you deal with unsolicited telemarketing calls from blocked numbers?  Post your comments and suggestions below.

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Francis Unson


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36 Responses to “magicJack Owners: Calls from strange phone numbers exposed”

  1. Dart Says:

    Well, I just got same call on my MJ #, and there was a TV playing in the background. I said hello twice b4 I hung up!

  2. William Ottney Says:

    I received a call and said I had an unclaimed package to call them right away at 718-12129-8828.

  3. Placeholder Forname Says:

    Telecommuting Telemarketers

    • Francis Unson Says:

      Telemarketers and so much more. I dislike how telemarketers and solicitors can hide behind their caller ID-blocked number and, to add insult to injury, display not “caller ID blocked”, but “ANONYMOUS”.

  4. chris Says:

    Yea I’m getting the same here… nobody answers! I just ignore the calls! And if it really bugs, I just simply disable the magic jack on my desktop for a little while… I just had them call me in fact about an hour ago, because they were calling almost non-stop… after an hour of the MJ off, I turned it back on, and no more calls since!

    • Francis Unson Says:

      Chris, on days when the trickle of unsolicited calls from 26669-6687 becomes a deluge, I close the magicJack console on my desktop, too. It helps maintain my sanity, to say the least.

  5. amiga solidaria Says:

    That number has been reported as belonging to something called WiMax Communications. It is really annoying to get dozens of calls from them…isn’t there any way to stop it?

    • Francis Unson Says:

      I’ve been scouring forums and blogs on the Internet for an amicable solution. I’d like to report 26669-6687 to the FCC, but since “Caller ID blocked” and “ANONYMOUS” are the same thing, I doubt I would get anywhere.

  6. dan Says:

    It spells out to anonymous so it can be from anyone blocking their ID.

  7. Daniel Martinez Says:

    It is 786-245-5199, I get back to back calls and harassing calls from this number. They ask for your SSN or CC information. They try to say you owe a debit, or that they need to verify your information.
    One time the called claimed to be an Officer of the law.
    They then call back on that strange number listed.

  8. bobbi Says:

    My doctors office had a new computer system put in, I’ve been with them for years with MJ, put now they say they are being blocked. Now they get through and their number comes up 26669-6687. Or even the calles that come in to confirm an appointment with the doctor comes in the same number. I have two MJ lines and they both have had this number show up on the ID list.

  9. Guy Says:

    I’ve received calls both from my pastor and from the washing repairman (not the same person) from this number, but in both instances, they were using a mobile phone, so it’s probably a relay number specific to their service provider.

  10. Gwen Says:

    I get at least 3 or 4 calls from this number a day. When I answer, they hang up. It’s so annoying….day and night. Can’t majikjack do anything about this??????

  11. Corey Says:

    Ok well I just got a call, guy said “Hi how ya doing” Spoke reasonably good English and told me I had one a $200 gas voucher,. I hung up ..

  12. Michel Says:

    I get at least 5 calls a day….I believe that if anyone has his or her number blocked it will show 26669-6687 when they make a call so don’t bother call that number back because it is not the one who called you..try to think of a reason why someone is calling you and doesn’t want you to know his or her ID…. I am going to do an experiment…I will let you know the result…just be patient…we are going to solve this problem together.

  13. Michel Says:

    ok is the results of the experiment and you can try it yourself.
    Call a friend that you know has a MJ but first dial” *67 ” that’s STAR 67 then the number…. your friend will see on his MJ Caller ID: ” 26669-6687″ that’s on his computer but if he has a MJ Plus that is plugged to an electric outlet and connected to a telephone that has Caller ID,he will see the word: “ANONYMOUS” because 26669-6687 spell anonymous so don’t bother calling 26669-6687.
    Now..if the caller will talk: trying to sell you something just tell him that you are not interested and hang up but if the caller doesn’t talk it could be a friend playing games with you or an x-lover trying to give you hard time…BUT THE WORST OF ALL it could be a thief who,somehow,got hold of your number and checking to see if you are home… in fact professional robbers will call any type of telephone not just MJ the only difference the other phones like Landline or Cell phone will not show anything on their caller ID.
    Go ahead try calling those phones too but don’t forget to dial first: ( *67 ) see for yourself and please be careful .. maybe it will be a good idea to tell your neighbor to watch your house when you have to go somwhere… good luck.

  14. zachary zebell Says:

    Telecommuting Telemarketers.That number has been reported as belonging to something called WiMax Communications. It is really annoying to get dozens of calls from them…isn’t there any way to stop it?

  15. Momdalf Says:

    I’ve received calls from telemarketers, customers, and nobody responding when I answer from this number. I have to answer it because I DO have actual customers trying to get through. It’s really frustrating when there are so many calls and I can’t decipher which ones are bogus!

  16. M Schroeder Says:

    I get a call every afternoon from 26669-6687 (anonymous) and it’s a recording wanting me to answer which political party I agree with. I have two phones and get this call on both, one after the other EVERY afternoon between 5:00pm and 6:00pm.

  17. Mike Says:

    I received 4 calls from this # yesterday. Now when anyone calls my MJ # when my computer and MJ is off, the call goes to a different # and not my MJ answering service. What can I do to fix this?

  18. sonnyblunk Says:

    mine was from a dummy who called without blocking his number the first time then two consecutive times with it blocked it had never happened before and I’ve owned my magic jack for 10 years

  19. Nym Says:

    This number just called me at 1:34 AM I have never had this happen and I have had my MJ for two years now. I do realize that it spells “Anonymous” and could be anyone that dialed *67 prior to dialing my number, so not much to be done about it unless MJ comes up with a way to ignore blocked or anonymous numbers. Thanks for the info I would not have known otherwise.

  20. june Says:

    i just got a call from 26669-6687,he ask for me and i said he moved and dosen’t live here anymore and he said Sure and hung up

  21. Patricia Stephens Says:

    Does magicJack have any way to block unwanted / annoying calls????

  22. Lion Says:

    I have an answering machine…so….if I do not recognise the number….I let it go to answering machine. If no message is left….I know it is not important! But….I do wonder if it is not big brother trying some spying shit!!

  23. Mary Mooney Says:

    Got a call from this number 26669-6687 on my MJ, didnt answer the call because I do not answer anonymous, blocked or numbers I do not know. Hope they are having fun. Wish MJ would help yo stop this!

  24. Fuddy Duddy Says:

    I am chatting with them for the gazillenth time this week.. all they do is ofer a reset on theri end, whatever that means.. This morning, was the weirdest yet. I have 12+ vopicemails all of people answering the phone..”Hello, ..hello..” then hanging up. As if I am pranking them.. Before that, I been recieving calls from 64, 1111, 1-1111, 202-000-9966 as well as many other strange unformatted numbers. One or two times I picked up. Most times dead air, sometimes someone asking for Bob or somebody..
    After being transferred to a top 10% agent, Magna said goodbye and Maya took over.
    Maya: Please report this concern to a legal authority and let them contact us regarding the matter.
    george: WHAT !
    Maya: Please do read our Terms of Service first.
    Maya: Section 10: Privacy Policy.
    george: ok standby
    george: done, what does that have to do with this conversation ??
    Maya: We do not have control over with the number calling the magicJack number if callers are using a software to hide their phone number.
    george: and the calls outbound that I am not aware of ?
    Maya: Are you using TiVo, Dish Network or DirectTV?
    george: no
    Maya: Unplug the magicJack, wait 2 minutes, then plug it back in
    Maya: I will make a quick reset on your account.
    george: tried that more then once this thank you.I will do a reset on my end soon enough. you do what ever you have to on yours..If all you can do is a soft reset… then you are unable to help in this situation.
    Maya: I believe I have provided all the necessary information that you need. I will end this chat now. If you have any other concern, please don’t hesitate to chat us back. Thank you.
    george: Maya !, Maya ??
    george: please dont leave me Maya..
    Afterwards my phone rang, it was Maya. She was sobbing while in the background I could hear a call center ..I could hear her but she could not hear me.. or so it seemed.

  25. m.lock Says:

    I have enjoyed MJ for a number of years and have received regular calls from 26669-6687 as well as from various other states with the prefix: 206, country code 91, 347, 407, 575, 301, none of where I have friends or acquaintances. When I picked up it might remain silent on the other end. Or I was told that I had been selected for a government grant and often it was a representative asking about my interest for an on-line program at a university.
    Currently, I do not answer the phone anymore when I hear it ring. I first go to the room where the caller id and second phone stands and let it ring when I do not recognize the number.

  26. Sameh Says:

    I am still not able to find a reliable and cheap VOIP device, lot of people tell me about magic jack so I asked where to buy magic jack but I found on social media buyers who complained of their bad customer support where people reported that they waited 2 hours for someone to get back to them and they disconnect if they are not able to answer your questions

  27. Nivlek Says:

    U can block this number using magic-features. Click ACB, and put the number in your call rejection list.

  28. Anni N Says:

    I’m getting this call but it turns out, that it seems to be a wrong identification of a number I do know, the call always drops and I know who is calling when it happens as the following call will show the right number; but today it didn’t drop and I had a 4 minute conversation and all the time the 26669-6687 number was showing. So I think It could be a glitch.

  29. Mike J Says:

    Get magicfeatures, a plug in for magic jack $20 one time, you can block numbers or entire area codes.

  30. Corey Says:

    Well got a call from 26669-6697 , and also from 21212-1212.
    On the 21212-1212 number the guy asked for me by name.
    I just hung up.. They never leave answering machine message. Ready threw the Forum here and have this bit of advice for you.. Anyone asking for SSN or CC information, ask them to send you a hard copy in the mail.. See what they say.. Have gotten these calls from time to time , I just ignore them. They are not frequent.

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