How Do Tornadoes Work?

Tornadoes destroy homes and scar the earth.  They can reach speeds of up to 318 miles per hour and measure miles across.  These vicious storms are a crazy sight to see, but how do they work?  Tornadoes develop out of thunderstorms, but it takes a special type of thunderstorm to produce a tornado.  These storms are called supercell thunderstorms, which produce strong updrafts.

Given the number of tornadoes that have struck the United States months before tornado season usually begins, let's step back and understand how these storm systems work.If the updraft is strong enough, a vortex of air can develop.  When the updraft of the storm strengthens, the horizontal rotating air can be tilted into the vertical, with the help of inflow winds.  The storm cloud’s base will lower and form a wall cloud if the rotating air is strong enough.  Should the air’s rotation strengthen further, a funnel cloud can form.  If the rotation remains strong and the funnel cloud eventually reaches the ground, a tornado is born.  Tornado warnings can be scary, but you should go to a safe place immediately, particularly a basement or an underground structure built to keep you safe from a tornado.  Make sure you prepare a disaster kit for you and your family months before tornado season starts.

Watch the video below to see the different types of tornadoes that can form.

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