Aftermath in Japan: One Month Later

It has been a month since the earthquake and tsunami struck Japan, and many of you may be wondering how Japan is coping.  Here are some sobering statistics: the Japanese National Police Agency confirmed that there have been 13,127 deaths, 4,793 injured and 14,348 people missing.  There are over 125,000 buildings that have been damaged or destroyed.  These natural disasters have also caused heavy road and railway damage as well as a dam collapse in Fukushima.  There are around 4.4 million households in northeastern Japan that have been left without electricity and 1.5 million households that have been left without water.  Not only do the Japanese people have to deal with their losses, but they also have to stay alert and be attentive to their safety and health.

One month after the earthquake and tsunami that struck Northern Japan, the Japanese people are still struggling to put their lives back together.The tsunami resulted in more than 300,000 refugees.  There are shortages in food, water, and shelter.  The people of Japan really need our help.  Although some of us are not in the position to help, every little bit helps.  Imagine yourself in their position.  One day, you wake up to a natural disaster and realize that you’ve lost your family, home, and business.  I hope that the people of Japan are able to get back on their feet and heal from all the pain that this disaster has brought them.  If you are interested in helping, there are many foundations dedicated to helping the victims of this disaster such as the Jennifer Smart Foundation.

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Joie Montoya

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