The Olympic Process: How to Become a Host City

Cities around the globe that apply to host the Summer or Winter Olympic Games have to go through a ten-month process of inspection.  The International Olympic Committee, or IOC, is responsible for the applicants and inspections.  First, the city must prove that it is large enough to handle the Olympics.  The Games bring in a large international crowd, which means the city needs to be able to accommodate them with nice hotel rooms, provide them with transportation such as shuttles that go to and from the Games, and provide ample security to ensure their safety.  Second, the city has to convince its residents that hosting the Olympic Games are worth it in city improvements and new jobs.  Hosting the Olympics can be costly, so this may result in the city raising taxes to offset expenses.  Finally, the city needs to have positive media exposure.

The Olympic Games brings together the world's best athletes on a global stage for two weeks during the summer or winter months every four years. Cities around the world must apply years in advance if they wish to host the Games.If a city passes the inspection by the IOC, it is considered a “Candidate City” and the second phase of the process begins.  Once the “Candidate Cities” submit their applications and application fee, the IOC begins making a final decision on which city they see best fit to host the upcoming Summer or Winter Olympic Games.  The fees for hosting the Olympics can be in upwards of $150,000 or more.  These high fees are meant to discourage cities that are not committed to hosting the Olympics.  Some people might think there are no benefits to hosting the Olympic Games, but it shows pride in your city and country.  Plus, it can bring jobs to the community and boost tourism.  It may be a long process, but it is a great event to host!

Relive the moment in 2005 in which the IOC made the announcement  that London was selected to host the 2012 Olympic games.

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Taylor P.

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