An Alternative to Traditional Community College

Are you about to graduate high school or do you have a child who is close to graduating?  If so, you may want to consider the following option.  College is an important step to take; therefore, you want to make the right decision in choosing a school.  Community college, while affordable and convenient, might not always be someone’s top choice.  Luckily, there are alternatives, such as online universities.  There are pros and cons to choosing this type of schooling.

If you or your child is graduating high school but traditional community college offerings fall short of your expectations, attending an online university may work for you. Higher education is just a click away.Pros

  • Learning at your own pace. With online college, you can either finish a course quickly or slow down and really analyze your courses.  Having this option can be very beneficial.
  • Fits any lifestyle. Whether you are busy or have a lot of time on your hands online college can work both ways.  If you have multiple jobs and responsibilities (e.g. family life), online college is great because there is no time requirement as long as you get your courses done, and you stay on track.
  • Attend class anywhere. If you decide to go on a trip with some friends or visit family in another state, your classes basically go with you!  As long as you have access to a computer and an Internet connection, you’re set.


  • You must be self-disciplined. Even though you may be busy with other things, you still have to find time to finish all your coursework.  If you don’t this, your grades will suffer and you may even have to withdrawal from the course, forcing you to retake the class next semester.
  • No social interaction. This might not be a problem for some but if you are the type of learner that needs to work with people to grasp a certain concept, online college might not be the best choice.
  • Waiting on virtual assistance. In a classroom your teacher is right there, so when you have a question, they are ready to answer it.  For online college, you might have to wait a few hours or days to get your answer because you would need to e-mail your teacher with the question, and wait for their reply.

This is just one of the alternatives to community college but this is the one that I feel would be helpful.  Online college, though it requires more effort, helps build discipline and good problem-solving skills you will need in your future career.  It also gives you the control to shape and manage your own schedule.  Whether you feel this is a good option or not, consider online college as the key to your success.  For help finding the right online college for you, go to this website.

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Joie Montoya


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