Blockbuster Calls It Quits

Blockbuster Video had been a fixture in the American household, providing entertainment to millions of people.  Unfortunately, thanks to the advent of newer technologies and a new business model that does not require a storefront, Blockbuster's days are numbered.Blockbuster has always been the leading movie rental company in the United States.  However, cheaper alternatives have hastened their demise.  It was sad to see them file for bankruptcy in September 2010.  Almost 960 stores are being shut down all over the country.  With competition from newcomers such as Redbox and Netflix, it seems as though Blockbuster has become part of the past.

There are many reasons why Blockbuster has had to close down their stores.  For example, the technology keeps changing and, frankly, there is no need to go rent movies when you can get them from the comfort of your own home.  Netflix’s 10.6 million subscribers can order movies online or receive them in the mail.  Meanwhile, Redbox still requires you to drive to a kiosk and rent movies, but with a price of only $1 per night, this option is much more economical.  There is also On Demand by Time Warner Cable, where you can order new releases and old classics without even leaving your couch.  Blockbuster has tried making changes to its video rental stores, but they just aren’t making as much money as they used to. Blockbuster’s days are numbered.

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Joie Montoya

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