The BAFTA Awards of 2011

At this year’s BAFTA Awards, “King’s Speech” came out on top taking home seven awards.  Close behind were “The Social Network” and “Inception”, which took home three awards each.  “Alice in Wonderland” took home two awards, the first awards won for the film from the three major awards shows that have occurred so far this year.  There were many awards given out that night, such as the Academy Fellowship Award, which was given to Sir Christopher Lee, and the Orange Wednesdays Rising Star Award, which went to Tom Hardy.  The BAFTA, or British Academy of Film and Television Arts, identifies and recognizes excellence in arts of moving pictures.

At the 2011 BAFTA Awards, or British Academy of Film and Television Arts, the big winners include “King’s Speech” with seven awards, “The Social Network” and “Inception” with three awards each, and “Alice in Wonderland” with two awards.The BAFTA Awards ceremony has brought “King’s Speech” to the top of this year’s awards leader board with ten awards from the SAG Awards, the Golden Globes and the BAFTA Awards altogether.  “The Social Network” has received seven awards.  After the BAFTA Awards, “Inception” and “The Fighter” are tied with four awards each.  With these new awards tallied up, “King’s Speech” will likely take home Best Film at the 2011 Oscar Awards.  Early forecasts predicted that nothing could stop “The Social Network” from taking home Best Film at the 2011 Oscar Awards, but after the strong showing by “King’s Speech”, no one knows which way the Academy will go?  Will the voters continue to honor more modern movies, or will they go for more traditional Oscar choices?  We won’t know until February 27, 2011.  Make sure you watch the Oscar Awards on ABC to see who takes home the gold!

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Taylor P.

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