Cruises: Leave the booking to travel agents. Here’s why

Going on vacation is your chance to relax, have fun and, for a week or two, give you a vastly different schedule of activities that, unlike work, you actually look forward to.  Hanz and Hachelle Pena of the Cheap Travel Deals in Santa Clarita understand that and can help take care of planning your next cruise.  There are some parts of vacation planning that you would prefer leaving to travel agents.  Why, you ask?

Why should you leave booking your next cruise to travel agents? Because you have a list of things to bring and take care of before the trip, and a huge number of activities to choose from during the cruise.When you are planning a cruise, you are going to make a lot of choices:

  • The cruise line you’d like to go on and how long you’d like to be out to sea
  • The airline you are going to take to the departing city
  • Hotel accommodations or car rental at the departing city if you decide to make that city a tourist destination, as well

and so on.  You should leave much of this part of the planning to travel agents because you have your own list of pre-trip things to take care of, too.

You have even more decisions to make before you leave home for your cruise, such as:

  • How much clothes you are going to pack
  • How much spending money to set aside
  • How many memory sticks to bring for your digital camera
  • Calling a pet-sitter
  • Making a quick dash to the corner drugstore for motion sickness pills, just in case
  • Refilling prescription medication so you don’t run out during the trip
  • Making sure you have your plane tickets and passport on-hand

Sometime later when you have finally arrived at the cruise ship, you have an even longer list of things to choose from.  The list of on-board activities on a cruise ship is so vast that you will not get around to doing all of them on a single cruise.  Just ask any cruise director.  Sure, they could rattle off a list of activities (not exhaustive) that may include, but are not limited to:

  • Deck parties
  • Spas and salons
  • Fitness centers
  • Indoor and outdoor sports centers
  • Cartoon-themed, children, and adults-only swimming pools
  • Wave pools
  • Theaters for movie screenings and full-production plays or musicals
  • Interactive comedy shows
  • Ice skating rinks
  • Sports bars, pubs, and cocktail lounges
  • Cafés, buffets, fast food restaurants, and formal dining
  • Piano lounges
  • Pool bars
  • Shopping centers and promenades
  • Casinos

Remember, it’s not a practical goal to try to do everything that a cruise ship has to offer.  You will not make the most of your time if a good portion of your time is spent going from one activity to another.  Yes, time is a finite commodity on-board, so budget your time wisely, prioritize the activities that you want to do, and stick with those activities.  You will feel more accomplished devoting your energy to a handful of activities.  Furthermore, when you book your next cruise, you can begin where you left off with a new set of activities.  With all the activities to choose from during the cruise, you might as well leave booking the cruise to Hanz and Hachelle Pena of the Cheap Travel Deals so that you have one less set of things to worry about.

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Francis M. Unson


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