Tax Day Nintendo Wii Giveaway contest ending soon!

Please retweetWith just a few more days before the end of our first contest, co-founders Rick and I created a video to let others know that they still have time to send their entries.

Admittedly, I haven’t edited a video in a few years, so please bear with me.

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Francis M. Unson

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43 Responses to “Tax Day Nintendo Wii Giveaway contest ending soon!”

  1. victoria lester Says:

    Hope to win.

  2. Natalia Says:

    I really want to win this contest!
    Thank you for a chance!

  3. Darlene A. Frederick Says:

    I would love to win this for my hubby! Thanks and good luck to all!

  4. Deborah Curran Says:

    I tweeted here again

  5. Sandra Says:

    I’d love to win this contest!! Entered via FB and Twitter @sandra516 :))

  6. Cheryl Johnson Says:


    I would be honored to win

  7. Dina Says:

    Great contest! 🙂 I’ve wanted a Wii for a long time. @DinaJ

  8. Julie Says:

    It would be awesome to own and to win one tops it i follow @waterbluffy and love this contest

  9. Gina K Says:

  10. misty c Says:

    I would love to win this!!! I want to try out the Wii Fitness games so badly!!

  11. misty c Says:

    I tweeted

    I also entered it in facebook

  12. KD Munoz Says:

    I rt’d for ‘ya- might as well get SOMETHING positive out of tax day 🙂

  13. Regina Says:

    Good Luck To Everyone!!!!

  14. Tammie Chocklett Says:

    Hi, I Tweeted

  15. Carolyn K Says:

    I RT’d 🙂 Very high hopes of winning the wii! :0) What a nice thing you’re doing on tax day!

  16. Carolyn K Says:

    here’s my RT:

  17. Diane Says:

  18. Terri B Says: Thanks!

  19. jenn Says:


  20. jenn Says:


  21. Ellen Beck Says:

    I am @tannawings on Twitter- would love to have a Wii- we dont have any games like this- too cool- thanks for the chance!

  22. Jill Hayes Says:


  23. Ellen Beck Says:

    Following u on twitter- @tannawings

  24. Tami Alveshere Says:

    Tweeted! Thanks for the chance!

  25. Matt Udland Says:

    Holy cow I’d love to win this!!!

    RT @

    AND following 😉 Thanks so much!

  26. Tami Alveshere Says:

    Posted on facebook! 🙂

  27. Tammie Chocklett Says:

    Hi, I posted on Facebook!

  28. Ivan Angeles Says:

    I paid taxes this year, oh and last years too, I need a gaming break.

  29. Michelle Simons Says:

    I liked your video. Thank you for the chance to win on our tax day also. I tweeted your contest. I really wish I had a Wi. I think i am the only one that doesnt own one. @MCJunkie on twitter.

    • Francis Unson Says:

      Thanks! It has been awhile since I did any video editing. Even the other co-founder was blown away by the end product.

      And, no problem! After a crazy day like Tax Day, people could use some complimentary relief. Good luck! 🙂

  30. Michelle Simons Says:

    oops forgot to post my tweet.

  31. Tiffany Says:

    I would love to have a Wii! @kygurl62689

  32. Christine Says:

    Great prize…thanks for the chance! Here is my tweet

  33. Ellen Beck Says:

    Following , I fanned ya on Facebook , and I get your newsletters. And if it sways ya, my middle name is the same as your first name except with an ‘e’ 🙂
    And nope I dont have a Wii either- so there are at least 2 of us on planet Earth who don’t have one!

  34. Hillary Says:

    aaawwwwwwww, ya’ll are so sweet!!!!!!!!!! thanks for the cool contest 😀

  35. Jenna Says:


  36. Lisa * Starr Says:

    tweet sent

  37. Karen R. Says:

    I’m sorry, I messed up the tweet link here is the correct one.

  38. Francis Unson Says:

    Thanks to everybody who participated in the Tax Day Nintendo Wii Giveaway contest! We will determine a winner tomorrow!

  39. Michelle Simons Says:

    crossing fingers……

  40. Mod Wii Without Chip Says:

    great video thanks for taking the time to make it and your generosity in teh contest!

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