Union Bank: Interview with Oscar Dominguez, VP and Manager (part 2)

  1. Please retweetWhat is the niche that makes you stand out above everybody else?
    What makes Union Bank stand out is our approach to individual, family, and small business services.  While other banks offer traditional products like checking or savings, Union Bank distinguishes itself from the competition by offering programs unique to the market we share.  For example, Union Bank has catered to the senior community by creating a financial watch program dedicated to them.  It’s not exactly a banking product, but it creates awareness and assists the senior community in protecting themselves from fraud and from being taken advantaged of financially.  We have also created for the young people in the community a unique banking program that educates them in how to be smart about banking and managing their finances.
  2. What products and/or services do you offer?
    Union Bank is a commercial bank, dedicated to offering minority-owned and small business loans; lines of credit to support cashflow, credit card services, and online services such as wire transfer to help speed up cashflow to grow in a global market.  With these services, we can help small, medium, and large businesses reach their business goals.
  3. What kind of promotions do you have?
    We are always on the lookout for promotions that our customers would find attractive.  For example, we know that the interest rate market have been low, so we have been offering interest rates that look good on long-term savings such as the FDIC-insured certificate of deposit (CD), which ensures that people will have a good return on their money.  Union Bank is also offering the “Company Benefits Program”, where the bank reaches out to the local business owners in the community and offers a $50 incentive to them if their employees open an account with the bank.  We also offer a free credit card service, so if a business is looking to expand and reach out to more customers, we offer credit card services online.  We offer promotions during certain times of the year so that individuals maximize their return, employees of businesses can receive free banking services, and businesses can increase their customer base to the next level with the credit card services.
  4. What do you like about working in the Santa Clarita Valley?
    Because Union Bank is dedicated to serving the community, I think that Santa Clarita has allowed me and Union Bank to really take charge of what our mission statement is: to support the community that we serve and be an active member of the community on a corporate and local level.  Being a local resident helps me understand the community I live in not only as a resident but also as a professional in the community, which has helped me understand what role I can play as a company in Santa Clarita to help contribute to the success of our business, organizations, our youth, our senior centers and community, and having the community recognize us as a local, community bank.
  5. In terms of your business, what are you looking forward to in the coming year?
    One of the critical roles in the coming year is to help continue supporting our small business community and support the growth that is needed to help them achieve what they need as an organization.  I believe that, coming into the New Year, it would be valuable that we inform, reeducate and retrain those that take active roles years as leaders or business owners in the community.

    (to be continued…)

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Francis M. Unson

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