MagicJack: How to Call Internationally for Free

Why didn’t I call this blog,

“MagicJack: How to Make International Calls for Free”?

I consider making an international call the following: picking up the phone, dialing 011, and then the rest of the phone number.  I have some bad news: it is nigh impossible to make free international calls this way, with any telephone device.

If you want to call your friends or family overseas for free, using a MagicJack can help you make calling internationally for free.However, there is a way to call internationally for free.  For example, if you’ve called customer service of, say, your cable or credit card company, some of those calls reached India, the Philippines, or even Argentina.  Even though your call to customer service started with a toll-free 800 number, the call to the call centers in different countries were, no doubt, international.

How do you call internationally for free?  First, a list of items you need:

  • MagicJack
  • Computer
  • Internet Connection, preferably high-speed or broadband
  • A regular phone

Here are the instructions for account setup:

  1. Purchase a MagicJack.  They are available in many places such as department stores, office supply stores, and even gas station mini marts.  Trust me, I saw the MagicJack being sold side-by-side with cigarettes at 7-11.  They retail between US$20-$40 but are worth the initial investment.
  2. Turn on your computer.  Install the MagicJack in an open USB port.  The device will connect to the company’s main server, download additional files and begin setup.  Do not install the regular phone into the MagicJack at this time.
  3. If you are so inclined during setup, you may choose to register a second MagicJack, opt to start with a five-year contract immediately for additional savings, or order vanity phone numbers.  For the sake of these instructions, decline these offers.  You will also be offered pre-paid minutes for international calls.  Decline this offer.
  4. When choosing a phone number, provide your city, state, and area code.  A phone number will be assigned and will become the phone number local to your area.
  5. Once setup is complete, plug the phone into the MagicJack.  Incoming calls test: Call the new phone number from your landline or cell phone.  Outgoing calls test: Call your landline or cell phone from the phone connected to the MagicJack.
  6. This is the most important stepMail the MagicJack and phone to your friend or family member overseas.  All they have to do is connect the MagicJack to a USB port in their computer.  Once the software is installed, they can make their own calls back home using the log in information you provided during setup, and all calls will appear local.

The MagicJack can save you a lot of money, especially if you call friends or relatives in different countries very frequently.  You must setup MagicJack correctly, however, so that you and your friends and relatives can call and receive calls internationally for free.  The MagicJack may even provide you with new ways to connect with parts of the world where the cost of telecommunications is very high.  Calling internationally for free with the MagicJack couldn’t be more simple.

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Francis M. Unson

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11 Responses to “MagicJack: How to Call Internationally for Free”

  1. elline Says:

    can i use it for some one that leaves in ethiopia

  2. deen Says:

    which country are free with magicjack?

    • Francis Unson Says:

      Based on the method outlined in my blog, as long as you have an Internet connection, assigning what would be a local number for you to the magicJack would allow you to call that local number for free in any country. Using magicJack’s own phone services for international calls, though, would incur a charge.

  3. Darcy Drwal Says:

    I have a friend in Ghana west Africa how can I set up magic jack for that far away I live in Michigan thanx for all your help sincerely Darcy Drwal.

    • Francis Unson Says:

      I outlined all the steps in my blog for setting up the the magicJack. Let’s answer these questions:

      Does your friend in Ghana have a computer with a reliable Internet connection?
      Does your friend have a landline phone in which to connect the magicJack?

      If yes to both, all you need to do is setup the magicJack at your home, including registering it with a phone number that is local to your town or city. Afterwards, mail the magicJack to your friend in Ghana.

      Once your friend receives the magicJack in the mail, they just plug the magicJack into their computer, plug in the phone into the magicJack, and your friend is ready to go! When you call your friend, you’ll see a phone number that is local to Michigan but is originating from Ghana. Good luck!

  4. armando castillo Says:

    mi familia esta en mexico, y si tienen internet, pero no tienen telefono de casa solo celular, se puede usar el “magic jack” sin tener telefono de casa solo cell?

  5. josh Says:

    can you still call magicjack to magicjack once the free year runs out or do you have to renew the subscription?

  6. kaz Says:

    i’m thinking of doing this with my family in Australia, when they call me from my mailed ..MJ do they still call the country and area code with my MJ phone number and do i do the same with the number on their MJ ? Thankyou for any and all the info

  7. baboor Says:

    I just bought Magik Jack Plus.
    Have not set it up yet.

    Objective is for me to recieve calls on my computer and for sender in another country to send calls thru their telephone without hooking up to a computer rather via phone to my computer is that possible or not?.

  8. baboor Says:

    So woth Magik Jack is a computer hook up nessessary on both peoples to make the connection or just phone on 1 side with jack and computer on other end?

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