Why I love Kogi BBQ

While Kogi BBQ of Southern California is a social media marketing darling, the real reason I love Kogi BBQ is simple: the FOOD!On a rainy Friday in February 2010, I received word on Twitter about the arrival of Kogi BBQ, a fleet of taco trucks that serves Korean Mexican food throughout Southern California, in my community of Santa Clarita.  I was glad I kept up with Kogi’s Tweets; Azul (one of the four primary taco trucks named after a Spanish color, with one on standby) was arriving an hour early.  I was done with the day’s work, so I made my way to the car wash across the street from Westfield Valencia and arrived at 8:15PM.  I did not see a line of people, but I wasn’t surprised; it was raining all day that day and had just started to clear up in the evening.  Needless to say, it was freezing outside.  Furthermore, Kogi’s early arrival was not Tweeted until about 6PM, so that probably threw off peoples’ plans.  Nonetheless, I braved the cold weather and, upon Kogi’s arrival, was rewarded by being served first.

Why do I love Kogi BBQ?  Being served first helped slightly.  Kogi’s successful (read: enviable) social media marketing plan certainly caught my eye, which was recently copied in some form by JetBlue in New York City to distribute about a thousand free round-trip tickets as part of its 10th anniversary celebration.  However, the reason why I love Kogi BBQ is very simple: the FOOD!

Simply, you haven’t had Kogi BBQ until you’ve had short rib, spicy pork, chicken, or tofu, wrapped in a soft taco or burrito flour tortilla.  If you want a real taste of Korean, you must try the Kogi Kimchi Quesadilla, a Kogi Favorite.  Furthermore, if you ever needed a reason to come early, the Chef’s Specials such as Calamari Tacos and desserts like Tres Leches always sell out.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Kogi BBQ’s fleet of taco trucks roam Southern California from Tuesday-Saturday.  Go to their website and find out when Kogi will be serving up Korean Mexican food at the parking lot of a shopping center, hotel, or car wash near you.

Finally, if you live in or near Culver City, California, drop by the Alibi Room from 6PM – midnight, Monday-Saturday for your Kogi fix (21+).

Kogi BBQhttp://www.kogibbq.com/

Follow them on Twitter! @KogiBBQ

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