Homeopathics Explained

Eva Clarke, owner of "Health is a Choice" in Santa Clarita, CA, provides homeopathic remedies.I will be honest: I have never tried homeopathic remedies for what has ailed me in the past, be it a seasonal cold or allergy, a headache, or stomach ache.  However, Eva Clarke, owner of “Health is a Choice”, could provide myself and others with different homeopathic remedies for a wide range of ailments or illnesses that may have longer-lasting relief in the long run than conventional, over-the-counter medication, and with fewer side effects.

Please retweetHomeopathic remedies, it turns out, are a system of medicine based on at least three principles:

  • Like cures like – For example, symptoms of a cold that mimic mercury poisoning would call for mercury as the homeopathic remedy.  In other words, a disease that can be cured by a substance produces similar symptoms in healthy people.
  • Minimal dosage – People would consume the remedy in extremely dilute form, usually one part of the remedy to one billionth or one trillionth part water.
  • The single remedy – Only one remedy is taken, the number of symptoms notwithstanding, with the goal that the remedy takes care of all the symptoms.

Additional principles of homeopathy can be found here.

The general goal of homeopathics is to recognize, through the unique expression of symptoms of a patient, the pattern of disturbed energy and identify among the  large number of remedies available the most homeopathic, or most similar to, the patient’s disease.

Why should you turn to homeopathics?  In most parts of the world, homeopathics has been around for hundreds or even thousands of years, such as Mainland China, and its growth in the United States has been significant throughout the last decade.  Several factors has contributed to its success in the U.S.:

  • Its effectiveness, especially when the correct remedy is taken.
  • It is safe, even for babies and pregnant women, and can be taken with other medication.
  • It is natural, with homeopathic remedies based on natural ingredients.
  • It works in harmony with your immune system as opposed to suppressing it.
  • Homeopathic remedies are not addictive.
  • Homeopathy is holistic and deals with the symptoms as a whole.

I have barely scratched the surface of homeopathics, but Eva can take you down a much deeper and eye-opening path towards a remedy that can work for you.  Her company, “Health is a Choice”, provides you with the extra fork in the road you never knew was there.  If your second or third opinion sound too similar to the first, give Eva a call.  You do have other choices about your health.

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