Brainstorming before writing

Sometimes, I must take a step back, take a pen and pad, and start mapping out what to write.  When my blog entries concern current events or topics I have considerable knowledge in, however, I can make do writing off the top of my head.  I am a techie at heart, so I can write about a wide arrange of tech-related topics, but based on my wide range of interests, I can write about any of those, as well.

The challenge I face with my clients, then, is writing quality blog entries about their businesses and discussing relevant topics about the business or industry.  I have turned to the trusty “spider diagram”, a brainstorming tool, and have found general topics I can expand upon.  Some industries are known by name alone by the public, and I hope I can unlock the air of mystery that surrounds them.

What brainstorming activities do you do prior to writing a blog, essay, or paper?

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Francis M. Unson

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