Twitter Dilemma: Follow Back the Followers of YOUR Grateful Followers?

I have a Twitter Dilemma.

I participate in Twitter’s “Follow Friday”, a weekly event in which Tweeps post the usernames of people, businesses, or other prolific users that are worthy of being followed.  The event helps me add new users, many of whom I have never seen prior to Friday.  In kind, I have my list of worthy users to add to the Follow Friday mix.  Over the weekend, I go through my followers’ Tweets marked with the hashtag #FF or #FollowFriday, clear indicators that the users listed with either hashtag are my followers’ recommendations.  I make it known to my new followees who referred them with a public Tweet, using the following format:

#FF @newUser recommended by: @myFollower #FollowFriday

My dilemma is this: I feel as though I should extend “Follow Friday” privileges to the users my followers publicly thank.  The Tweets of my grateful followers look something like this:

Thanks! RT @RTingUser1 @RTingUser2 @RTingUser3 @RTingUser4 @RTingUser5 … #Gratitude #Love #FF

If a “Thank You!” Tweet contains #FF, ostensibly, my followers are recommending that the users be followed, whether or not it’s Friday.  However, if the #FF hashtag is not included, is it alright to add the users my follower listed, anyway?

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Francis M. Unson

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One Response to “Twitter Dilemma: Follow Back the Followers of YOUR Grateful Followers?”

  1. Andrew deRenzy Says:

    I find #FF intensely annoying because tweeple don’t use lists! save yourself from the spam that is #ff by making a list of followers you hold in high regard, and #ff that.

    you can follow mine @AndrewinHD/worthwhile-tweeple

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