Flores Hardwood Floors: Interview with Francisco Flores, Owner (Part 3)

  1. Are you looking to hire in the coming year?
  2. What have you done to go the extra mile for your client?  Please explain.
    One time, a client contacted me on a Monday morning.  He wanted to replace the carpet for a wood floor.  The problem was that he wanted to have wood flooring with base molding installed and the furniture back in place by Friday.  He was waiting for his family to come over for a visit and everything had to be finished by then.  Well, this project on a regular work schedule would take a minimum of six days.  However, assuming I started on Tuesday, that would only leave me three days to finish the job.  I had to work very hard and had to put in thirteen hours days.  On Friday morning, just minutes before his family arrived from the airport, I finished, and my client was so happy.

Francis M. Unson

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