Health is a Choice

Please retweetWhen you hear about nutrition in the news, the news usually comes from the federal government, and the news is typically never good news.  The government references long-established (read: antiquated) baselines for calorie intake or height-to-weight ratios.  People view health articles about nutrition as (unsolicited) advice and, thus, almost never takes it.  The government and health experts have our best interests in mind when they release statistics about the state of our health.  However, we must consider many factors about our health such as family history for pre-existing conditions, current health conditions, and daily lifestyle, among other factors, when deciding what is best about our daily nutrition.  As a result, there are countless possibilities regarding the best recommendations, and the government has no time to determine every possibility for each of us.
Eva Clarke, owner of "Health is a Choice" in the Santa Clarita Valley

Eva Clarke

Eva Clarke, owner of “Health is a Choice”, fills in that void.  As a nutrition and lifestyle consultant with over 20 years’ experience, she works closely with people and provides personalized services based on their needs with nutritional counseling and detoxification therapy, the cleansing of the body’s internal systems and organs, as some of the services that she offers.  The New Year should never be the only time you think about your health, nor should bad news from the latest government study compel you to act.  Call or email Eva and make that life change!

"Health is a Choice" in the Santa Clarita Valley

Health is a Choice

Eva Clarke, owner of “Health is a Choice”
Home: 661.259.2729
Cell: 661.573.3586
Email: eaclarke_00 [AT] yahoo [DOT] com

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