Hand sanitizer or hand washing?

On my desk sits a bottle of hand sanitizer.  Most hand sanitizer products have the same active ingredient: 62% ethyl alcohol.  I wash my hands after every trip to the restroom (as everyone should), but I still hand sanitizer every hour or so even if I have not gone to the restroom.

What is more effective in terms of preventing the spread of germs, the liberal use of hand sanitizer or constant hand washing?

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Francis M. Unson


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4 Responses to “Hand sanitizer or hand washing?”

  1. Janice Says:

    Actually, both can be effective. The trick with hand sanitizer, just as with hand washing is that you need to rub your hands together vigorously for at least 15 seconds. The alcohol kills some, just as the soap causes some to slide off, but it is the action of rubbing your hands together that does the real work. You can do a pretty darn good job actually by just rubbing your hands together for 15-30 seconds. Not as good as either of the other options, but more useful than nothing if neither is available.
    At least that is what my sister the paramedic tells me!

    • Francis Unson Says:

      I find acceptable doing at least one of the two, but neither is repulsive. Your sister does qualify the conclusions.

      Just thinking about somebody not doing anything to improve their hygiene…*shudders*.

  2. Michelle Simons Says:

    Well for one thing they both dry your hands out. you really can’t win on that. I think the Hand sanitizer is fine except for the smell of it. I would rather wash my hands on the sink with some moisturizing soap myself.

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