140it: For the Tweet that is still too short for a blog

Please retweetTwitter’s arrival on the social networking scene has forced us to reconsider how we communicate, namely, how succinctly we can get our message across.  Sometimes, however, as much as we try to shrink a message down to under 140 characters, we still end up over the character limit.

The website, 140it, has come to the rescue.  You type your message in the text box, click on the “140 It!” button and, as much as possible, slimmer message of 140 characters or less emerges.  The application removes articles such as “a” and “the”, and swaps shortcuts such as “gr8” for “great”, among other methods.  If you Tweet often and find yourself spending extra time shrinking down your message, bookmark 140it or add its Bookmarklet to your browser.

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Francis M. Unson

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