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August 6, 2012

Francis Unson:

Like most people, when they think of Chicago, they immediately think of architecture. How about Chicago’s hidden gem: gardens?

Originally posted on Rainy Days Aren't Always Bad:

You think of Chicago and you think architecture. You think bone chilling cold winters. Television buffs think of George Clooney and ER. You think industrial revolution. You think The Jungle and Sister Carrie. You think the mob and Al Capone. But, I certainly never thought gardens. Chicago has gardens at every other turn. You go two blocks and there’s a garden or a park. Not whimpy gardens but really fully maintained beautiful ones. With flowers bulging at the seams.

Millennium Park

Millennium Park

Wishing Well Canal at Millennium Park

Garden at Millennium Park

Bee at the Garden

Garden at Millennium Park

Gardener Grooming the Garden Grounds

Millennium Park Garden

Chicago Skyline from the Garden

Pretty in Blue

Millennium Park

Millennium Park Founders Arch

Millennium Park Founders Arch

Grass Steps at Chicago Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Flower in Fourth Presbyterian Church Garden

Garden Arch near beach

Garden near beach


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